Home Buyer’s Dream List

Home Buyer’s Dream List

November 8, 2017 Home Buyers 0

Buying a home is one of the greatest dreams that most people have.  However, not everyone knows where to start and how to get one. For a dream to become a reality, you have to start getting specific

with the details.  That’s why we have started with this little list to help you start prioritizing your dream home.  It gives you some things to think about when you are starting the process to get your home.

After you finish going through this list, we have some more steps to take to make that dream a reality.  So, send us a question or two and we will gladly answer them to get you closer to your dream.


  1. Are you interested in a specific school district? If so, which one?
  2. Do you want a house that is:
    1. Move in ready
    2. In need of some updates
    3. A fixer-upper
  1. How many bedrooms would you like?
  2. How many baths would you like?
  3. What is a comfortable monthly payment for you?
  4. Have you been pre-approved by a lender for a home loan?
  5. What kind of house are you looking for?
    1. 1 Story
    2. 2 Story
    3. Condo
    4. Other (please specify)
  1. Is a garage important to you? If so, would you like an attached or detached, and how big?
    1. Attached
    2. Detached
    3. 1 Car
    4. 2 Car
    5. 2+ Car
  1. What are your top 5 must-have features you are looking for in your house?

Big Yard                                        Central Air                              Pond
Porch                                            Out Buildings                         Pool
Crawl                                            Fenced                                    First Floor Laundry
Slab                                               Residential/Town                  Handicap Accessible
Partial Basement                         Country
Full Basement                              Fireplace
Walkout Basement                     Master Bath                          Other__________

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