Defiance, Napoleon, and Paulding Courthouses

Defiance, Napoleon, and Paulding Courthouses

June 4, 2018 Community 1

Usually located in the center of town, we think these County Courthouses add a lot of charm to our northwestern Ohio bubble.

The Paulding County Courthouse is located in downtown Paulding in the public square. It was completed in 1888 and designed by Edward O. Fallis. This is the third courthouse to serve the Paulding community. Paulding was established in 1820 and the Charloe community was named the county seat before Paulding was named the county seat. The second courthouse was then built in 1837 and then demolished after fifty years of service and the third structure was built in 1886 in the same location. The building “is built in the four-front style with four similar facades, each with an entrance set behind triple-arched porches.”

Pictured above is the Henry County Courthouse in Napoleon. The first courthouse was a log cabin, built in 1832. Two years later, George Stout joined the community and built a two-story log cabin for the traveling public and where the first two of three terms of the Common Pleas court were held. The first grand jury stayed the night in the haymow in the nearby barn. Napoleon has been the County Seat since 1835. The present Courthouse was complete in 1882.

 The Defiance County Courthouse sits in downtown Defiance on the corner of Clinton and Second Street. The first courts were held in a brick schoolhouse located on Wayne Street, until the first courthouse in 1845. This building was designed and built by John Bostata. “The brick structure rose two stories tall with a portico framed by four columns supporting a pediment. The rectangular building was lined with rectangular windows and pilasters with an entablature topping the facade. The roof was topped by a square drum supporting a domed cupola capped by a spire” (“Defiance County Courthouse.”).



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