The City of Defiance / Schools

The City of Defiance / Schools

June 12, 2018 Community 1

Pictured below is the Defiance Community Auditorium, which is used throughout the year for plays, musicals, dance recitals, awards, and more. This space seats hundreds and is connected to the old Middle School. The Defiance Public School System has recently built an Elementary School with the addition of a new Senior High and Middle School building which opened this past winter.

The first school in Defiance was in 1823 in a blacksmith shop. The first building that was used for school purposes was built in 1825.

In 1941, four new elementary buildings were constructed in each sector of the city including Anthony Wayne Elementary to the south; Slocum Elementary to the west; Brickell Elementary to the east; and Spencer Elementary to the north.

The Middle School was constructed in 1917 and later, an additional building was added in 1961 to hold grades 7 and 8. The Community Auditorium was added in 1929.
In 1969 the construction of our high school on the southern edge of the city was built and officially opened on January 25, 1970.


“On January 5, 2009, the new elementary building serving students in grades Kindergarten-5 opened. The Catholic Schools purchased Anthony Wayne Elementary; the City of Defiance purchased Slocum Elementary and constructed a new municipal building, and the County purchased Spencer Elementary for a Senior Citizen Center” (Welcome to Our District). The new High School and Middle School building was combined and opened its doors this past January.


“Welcome to Our District.” Defiance City Schools,


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