No April Fools Joke. Interest Rates Take a Dive

No April Fools Joke. Interest Rates Take a Dive

April 2, 2019 Uncategorized 0

I know that it was April Fools day yesterday but this is no joke. The 30-year interest rate dropped this week back down to around 4.0% and some lenders are saying lower.

Real estate is a funny business.  Take our current market conditions as an example.  Right now in most of America, the number of homes available for purchase is extremely low. This is causing a huge buildup of buyers waiting on the perfect home to hit the market.  In turn, the home values are increasing which make it harder for some buyers to get afford purchasing a home.  But, the price of renting a home is also climbing and getting higher every day. At the same time, we now get word that the interest rates have now taken a huge drop and have hit close to or below 4.0% for a 30-year mortgage.  The lower interest rates make purchasing a home easier but we are still stuck with low inventory.  It’s like a never-ending crazy circle.

The Silver Lining

The combination of low-interest rates, abundant buyers and minimal inventory has created a tremendous opportunity if you want to sell your home or property. Your chances of selling it quickly and for top dollar are extremely high right now.

So, when do you plan on selling your home? 

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