There Can Only Be One

There Can Only Be One

April 12, 2019 Uncategorized 0

Why only one?

Nobody ever said the line, “There can only be one.”  than Christopher Lambert in the 1986 fantasy action adventure movie, Highlander.   I can still hear that accent every time I say or even play it over in my head.   “There can only be one” captures the importance of choosing just one Realtor to represent and assist you in buying or selling a home. 

I’m a pretty loyal person.  I go to the same barber, I typically choose the same stores and definitely don’t change my banks very often.  The reason I’m loyal, is because they know me.  Because of my experience with my barber, he knows me and knows how I want my hair cut.  I trust him when I sit down in the chair that he’s going to take care of me and my needs.

Real estate is no different.  When you choose a Realtor to assist you in buying or selling a home, they get to know you. They learn your wants, your needs and what your goals are.  They get a feel for all you are wanting and are able to assist you in all sorts of special ways.  Additionally, they have to keep your information confidential.  Information is the most valuable commodity on the planet and knowing you can trust someone with it is invaluable! For instance, if you are a buyer, your Realtor will know how much you can afford and use that information to help you negotiate the best deal for you.

The benefits of being loyal to one Realtor will greatly increase your confidence and abilities to get the best deal you can get when buying or selling a home.  Always remember, “There can only be one.”  Heard that voice again. 

Now go and make great things happen!