Customer Service Satisfaction Guarantee

Realty Five of Defiance guarantees your satisfaction with our services. Our company was created with the purpose to be the best real estate brokerage in our market area. Therefore, we believe when someone chooses Realty Five of Defiance to represent them in selling their home, it is our responsibility to make sure their needs are being met according to our promises. That is why to prove the confidence in the services we provide, we offer our satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the services provided by Realty Five of Defiance please contact us immediately and we will correct the situation within 48 hours or release you from your listing agreement.

Satisfaction Guarantee Details:

If you’re not satisfied, simply call us at 888.766.8627. We will work on correcting the situation within the 48-hour timeframe. If you are still not satisfied with our service within that timeframe then you can choose to be released from your listing agreement, provided you meet the conditions below.
If you desire to be released from your listing agreement with Realty Five of Defiance then your property must not have a current offer to purchase the property in negotiations for it or have a current contract to purchase the property on it.
In addition, broker shall reserve the right to retain commissions earned if said property is sold or exchanged within 90 days after release of contract to anyone with whom Broker has had negotiations prior to the release of contract, provided Owner has received notice, including the names of the prospective purchasers.