Home Buyer’s Guide

So you thinking about buying a home. That’s terrific! We’ve put together some helpful information in this Home Buyer’s Guide for you. There’s a lot of information available here and it may feel a little overwhelming but be rest assured that it’s not as some of it may not even apply to you but it’s here just in case.  You may need to read it in a couple of sittings but it will be well worth it for you in the end as it will prepare you for getting the home you want. After you get done, take a look at all the Homes for sale in our market. Who knows you may just find the one you’re looking for. Thanks for taking a look and let us know how else we can help you.

The Home Buying Process – A 5-Step question process to help you think about what you need to do to purchase and close on a home.

Step 1 – You should determine for yourself is now the right time to purchase a home?  How long are you planning on living in your next home?  Consider the benefits/drawbacks to owning a home. Step 2 – Get preapproved for a mortgage: This will help you determine your costs involved and give you buyer negotiation power.  How much can you afford?  What are the different loan programs available? (FHA, VA, Conv. USDA) Step 3 – Find your dream home: Make a list of what your top 5 priorities are in a home.  What kind of home do you want? (Detached, Attached, etc.)  How many bedrooms and bathrooms?  Are school districts important? Step 4 – The escrow process: This is what happens after you get a home under contract with a seller.  The home inspection  Reviewing disclosures  Ordering the appraisal  Securing financing Step 5 – Closing: It’s closing day.  Time to get your new home.  The final walkthrough  Schedule the move  Changing over utilities  

What you will need as you prepare for the Lender in order to get the loan for your home.

Personal Information   Employment Information   Other Income   Assets   Liabilities   VA Loans   If you need assistance with finding a lender who can possibly help you, please let us know as we work with several great lenders in our area that may be able to help.