Home Maintenance Checklist

Regularly maintaining your systems and appliances throughout the four seasons can protect their value and functionality. Use this checklist as a guide to seasonal maintenance tips. Simply check-off the tasks you perform so you can stay on track in the Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter.

 Clean fireplace or wood stove
 Organize garage
 Check refrigerator and freezer seals
 Check roof
 Clean windows and screens
 Clean the gutters
 Check water heater
 Check sump pump
 Replace A/C filter
 Inspect weather stripping
 Check trim for deterioration
 Inspect fences

 Examine chimney
 Replace furnace air filters
 Clean outdoor furniture
 Check refrigerator
 Have heating system serviced
 Check roof
 Vacuum electric baseboard heaters
 Inspect gutters and downspouts
 Lubricate circulating pump
 Cover outside of A/C units
 Drain outdoor hoses
 Test heating systems

 Check for cracked cement
 Clean dryer and other vents
 Check driveway
 Test exterior lighting
 Run ice maker
 Remove unwanted roots or plants
 Clean patios and porches
 Test for water leaks
 Inspect gutters or downspouts
 Check garbage disposal
 Maintain drains
 Check window trims and door frames

 Check the attic for frost accumulation
 Clean dryer, dishwasher, sinks, and bathtubs
 Dust fire and smoke detectors
 Make sure fireplace is working efficiently
 Check insulation
 Look over interior paint
 Examine fire extinguishers
 Clean washer/refrigerator/dishwasher hoses
 Inspect gutters and downspouts
 Replace batteries in smoke detectors
 Make sure A/C and heating systems work


Our friends at First American Home Warranty provided us this great list to help you.