Our Story

Our story was developed from a series of questions that begged to be answered. How can we make a company that really is not “About Us”? How can we be more? How could we be better at communicating to people that they are important and deserve great service? How could we give people more value for their hard earned money and how could we give more back to our community? These were not easy questions to answer since each of us had been recognized nationally for excellence in customer service and were already involved in several charitable community organizations. From these questions, the Realty Five model was created. First, in order to be the very best real estate brokerage at serving people in our market area, we combined our skills and work as a team. We share the responsibility of caring for our clients. We recognized as a team we could accomplish more for our customers than any one agent could ever do alone. By combining our strengths, we are able to concentrate our efforts on providing our customers and our community with a superior quality of service. We are so confident in our service that we offer a Service Guarantee. Second, we developed a highly leveraged marketing program designed to help seller’s sell their home for the highest possible price and getting results. Third, we found ways to offer a higher value to our customers for services provided through a better utilization of technology and Fourth, we developed a way to increase our giving to our community through our “Give Five” program. In order to clarify what we believe in as a company, we have posted below our five-point philosophy of business. We hope you recognize that we are not all about us but about you and that we are not your traditional real estate brokerage. We are honored you have taken the time to find out more about us. If you have any questions about our company please contact us and we would love to have a conversation with you.  

Realty Five Office –
Defiance, Ohio

Our Philosophy:

1. We believe you are worthy of all due respect and professionalism. It is our choice and responsibility to treat all people with the highest degree of honesty, integrity and respect. Our success is not only measured by the accumulation of financial profits but is also measured by the reputation we earn from satisfied customers and the people in the communities we serve. 2. We believe in giving. It is our responsibility to care for those in our community who are hurting, broken and in need. Thus, we choose to be givers and we will always give a minimum of 5% of our gross profits away to worthy causes. 3. We believe in good stewardship of resources. We will maximize the utilization of technological advances when possible and will continually strive to be better stewards of global resources. 4. We believe in each other and the power of teamwork. We understand the power of teamwork and realize that a higher quality of service for our customers can be accomplished and greater job satisfaction can be realized if we work together. 5. We believe in giving value. We will continually strive to give our customers the highest value for their money by offering services that enhance their experience and helps them realize their desired results.